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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sylvia Loch says it all...

I came across this quote tonight from classical dressage icon Sylvia Loch:

"Yet, amongst the faithful public who troop time and again to see The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, many know little of the intricacies of horses or indeed of dressage. They go because they are drawn.

"There is something mystical and magnetic about the dancing white stallions, and here - with no prizes to get in the way - people can lose themselves in the real thing. Transported to a world where time stands still, there is the wonder of man and beast working as one. The mutual trust, the respect built over so many years shines through the dancing steps until an almost spiritual merging of body and mind unfolds before their eyes.

"The centaur comes alive!...that vision of unity and union, human and horse, still enjoying the same exercises, the same flowing movement, and controlled freedom that has always brought tears to the eyes of all who behold the proud Lipizzan of Vienna in their moment of glory!"

From the article "Keeper Of The Grail - The Spanish Riding School at a Time of Great Change" by Sylvia Loch; read more of the article at link to article

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