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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Doing What Comes Naturally--the Lipizzan Way!

In an interview with Rachael Mason, staff writer of the Gwinnett Daily Post in Georgia, last week, rider Herwig Radnetter stressed that the seemingly exaggerated and extravagant movements of the Lipizzans are actually manifestations of their natural action.

"The horses have a beautiful temperament. There are no lazy horses. They want to move. They also have a very good mind. They like to be ridden," he said.

"All that is done by the horses, the classical art of riding, are movements that the horses can already do," Radnetter said. "You would see all these movements on a field with stallions together, if you have time enough."

(Having spent an afternoon in the high alpine pasture with the young stallions, I can vouch for their creative playfulness...and athleticism!)

Read the entire interview at this link:

Herwig Radnetter interview in Gwinnett Daily Post 2 December 2005

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