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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Brrrr! Weatherbeeta Takes the Chill Off!

It snowed in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving but the stallions of the Spanish Riding School were well-equipped with new "Freestyle" Weatherbeeta blankets.

This horse is being lead by stable manager Johannes. The horse is wearing a cavesson, which is interesting, instead of a soft head collar (halter). Cavessons are used for training and lungeing.

My guess is that the blankets were a bit tough to fit. The Lipizzans are on the small side, but their chests are quite broad. The length measurement could be deceiving!

Thanks, Weatherbeeta!

To learn more about Weatherbeeta blankets and rugs, visit the Weatherbeeta USA website.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A longtime dressage rider, I'm fortunate to have been blessed with instructors who believed in taking the time to establish a correct foundation and who believe that dressage, at its classical best, is "physical therapy" for the horse. The use of the training scale has been my guide as I seek to improve my skills and strengthen my horse. I and friends attended the HOuston performance. I had waited over 50 years to see these horses. All of my hopes were was truly a clinic of how the training scale workds - - a demonstration of these elements and the resultant strength, grace, agility and beauty. I appreciated Herr Rieglers assertions re the training of the horses in the classic manner, with time, patience and with an understanding of their nature. It was a very emotionlly charged experience to witness the honoring of such an old tradition and I felt a deep sense of gratitude towards the riders and trainers, as well as the horses, for their discipline and committment. Watching, being able to truly see the unbroken rythym, the strength, the energy and harmony of each horse's performance, was inspiring and educational.It made my own goals clearer for me........and in a very small way, I feel honored that I have chosen to struggle along that time-honored path.
Harline Larkey

5:00 PM, December 28, 2005  
Blogger Love to ride said...

I went on the Hungarian Lipizanner ride with Cross Country International and had a fantastic time. The show was great- great seats too, and the riding amazing.

2:03 PM, February 24, 2006  

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