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Friday, October 07, 2005

THE RIDERS: Meet Oberbereiter Riegler

Throughout this blog and throughout the tour, you will hear the name of Johann Riegler. Mr. Riegler is properly known as Oberbereiter Riegler, or "chief rider". The term is both his official work title, and, when used to address him, a sign of respect.

Oberbereiter Riegler will also be the spokesman for the Spanish Riding School during the USA tour, so you will see him on television and in the news a lot. His English is very good and he has been very helpful.

Johann Riegler has been riding since he was 12 years old; he grew up on a farm in Lower Austria and joined the Spanish Riding School in August 1969. Now 52 years old, he is also very involved in riding in his private life, as are his wife and son.

Johann Riegler was appointed oberbereiter in January 1991. He is one of three oberbereiters who will be riding in the USA.


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